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Michelle Imbach specializes in whimsical illustration. Each of her subjects, be they vegetable, animal or mineral, end up taking on the unique and endearing personality which has become Michelle's signature trademark. Although Michelle primarily paints with a brush and ink on paper, other media are also important components that make up her skill set. She draws extensively with graphite and ink, paints with acrylics and watercolor, uses all manners of printmaking (woodcut, etching and lithography) and sculpts. She also works with Adobe Photoshop to create, enhance, and alter some of her art, so she is both an illustrator and mixed media artist.

Born and raised in the beautiful Napa Valley in Northern California, Michelle works locally as a graphic artist and internationally as a freelance artist. She does logo design and commissioned art as well as commercial illustration. Feel free to contact Michelle at shellioop@gmail.com if you'd like to discuss her work.

blue scotty dog painting   basset hounds with balloons painting   labrador with tulips painting   golden retriever painting   orange cat painting

Michelle is also the main artist contributor to the new email newsletter for dog lovers called the Woof Report, available for free at http://woofreport.com/.

From the retail manager of the Houston SPCA to the Director of the North Carolina Basset Rescue and as far away as the organizer of Doggie Play Day 2008 in the Netherlands, Michelle has worked with fellow animal lovers across the nation to bring her art to the people who love it. She has sold art in nearly all 50 states as well as a handful of European and Asian countries, and contributes her talents to many charitable organizations. She is especially interested in putting her designs to use improving human and animal welfare, and will continue seeking opportunities to contribute to excellent causes.

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